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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Another travel company goes out of business

That’s the third medium sized company to fail in the past month after the much publicised Goldtrail and the less publicised Sun 4 U. So what is going on in the travel industry this summer and how can you be sure that both your money and holiday are safe ?

The former is easy – book an ATOL protected holiday that includes not just the flights but accommodation, transfers and anything else – in other words, a traditional holiday package. Breaking it up into individual elements can leave you financially exposed if any one element fails.

But getting your money back is little consolation if you loose your holiday. Travel companies succeed by mixing the number of holidays they sell with the margin they make on each holiday. Get this mix wrong and there can be problems.

Most of the recent failures have been mid-sized companies where the margins are small and the number of holidays sold is less than expected. So stick with the smaller specialist companies such as Amro Worldwide for the gay and lesbian traveller where volumes are less critical. Or book with the big two who pile it high and sell it cheap and go for volume. They also have the financial strength to survive a difficult year. And of these two options, Amro Worldwide gives both security with its ATOL Protection and service with its wide product knowledge and promptly answered phones - a comforting combination in these difficult times.

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Gay insider tips for Peru

  • Check out Fallen Angel in Cusco, a funky gay friendly bar and restaurant with creative artwork for sale. Check out the toilets!
  • Pick up great souviners at the Pisac Markets
  • For the adventurous try the local cuisine of Cuy (Guinea Pig)
  • Drinks plenty of fluids and Coca tea in Lake Titicaca
  • Get to Machu Picchu early